Ladies Who Hoop, Inc. offers free youth programming through Future LWH, a unique program created to strengthen confidence and character in young ladies by promoting educational, athletic and life skills development through basketball. Members learn teamwork, goal setting and the pursuit of quality in performance from an all–female coaching and mentoring team, while gaining valuable life lessons through participation in community events, workshops and a number of local and regional tournaments. In addition to basketball instruction, the program provides enrichment opportunities to help members develop leadership skills and become meaningful contributors to their local communities. Programing includes volunteering, prevention and early intervention, STEM, social influence and professional development, homework help, peer to peer mentoring, as well as special initiatives like Watch Me Work, a program that introduces members to a variety of women in diverse career fields through mini-apprenticeships. Future LWH programs are provided free of charge in partnership with the Goddard Riverside Community Center Beacon Program. Contact us to learn more about open enrollment and year-round programming.