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Amber "The Mayor" Batchelor

Founder | Creative Director


For over a decade, Amber Batchelor has been creating spaces for women who share a love of basketball to meet and engage in friendly, non-judgmental yet competitive play. Her commitment to improving women’s lives through basketball has garnered recognition from the New York City Council as a "Woman with Vision," from People Magazine as an "American Doer" and from the New York Times as the "Mayor of Women’s Hoops." Amber was born and raised in New York City, where she currently resides with her husband, Craig. She was married at the GOAT Courts, under the hoop where she continues to host basketball meetups on seasonable Sunday mornings. She founded and officially launched Ladies Who Hoop in early 2015.

Stephanie "TwinkleToes" Anderson

Director | Community Relations & Fundraising


Stephanie Anderson's basketball journey began on the Upper West Side, where she developed fundamental basketball skills and a love for the game through her participation in neighborhood youth programs. She credits her positive experiences with youth coaches and mentors for fostering her unwavering passion for community and youth programming. Stephanie is currently leveraging that passion through LWH, as Co-Director of the LWH Classic Summer Tournament and Scholastic Liaison for Future LWH. She is currently pursuing her MA in social sciences.

Monique "The Vet" Denson

Director | Youth Programming & Development


Mo Denson was born and raised in a tight knit community in Harlem. She began playing basketball in neighborhood parks and was introduced to organized play by a local after school coach. A physical education major and starting forward at York College, Mo went on to continue her studies in sports science at Long Island University. She has developed over a decade of knowledge and experience in the fields of coaching, life skills development and youth leadership through her work with after school programs at the Grosvenor Neighborhood House and Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center on the Upper West Side. As LWH Director of Youth Programming and Development, she is committed to cultivating a renewed sense of community for young people through Future LWH.

Meagan "Just Due It" LaDue

Director | Organizational Development & Programming


A chance recommendation led Meagan LaDue to the GOAT courts on a sunny Sunday morning in 2013, where she would join in a game of LWH pick-up basketball and a renewed love of the game would transpire. The former three-time All-State High School basketball player, two-time NYSPHS State Championship winner, and NYSPHS State Tournament MVP is now steering the direction of LWH, creating programming to engage and inspire LWH members to reach their full potential. Meagan is currently spearheading LWH internship initiatives to help identify and develop tomorrow's leaders. She is presently completing her degree in Organizational Leadership & Psychology at Fordham University.

Tiara "Blizz What It Iz" Blizzard

Director | Youth and Adult Recruiting


Tiara Blizzard grew up on the Upper West Side and began playing basketball at nine years old. Often ridiculed as the only girl playing basketball in her neighborhood, the teasing soon motivated Tiara to become a force on the court. She eventually led her HS team to the PSAL championship - the only basketball championship in the school’s history to date - earning MVP honors, PSAL Player of the Year, and a scholarship to attend Tuskegee University, graduating with a BSc in Business Administration. Tiara currently uses her basketball expertise to help the next generation of LWH achieve their dreams. Since helping to launch LWH youth programming initiatives in 2014, Tiara continues to work as a coach and mentor for Future LWH.

Simona "Captain" Betton

Director | Programming & Benevolence


Simona Betton's love for basketball began in her birth country of Lithuania when she was just eight years old. She moved to New York a year later and continued to play basketball throughout her adolescence, both in school and in several NYC leagues, eventually becoming a regular participant in weekly LWH basketball meetups. At a young age, Simona was inspired by her basketball coach, who encouraged her to strive for greatness. She currently works with at-risk youth to encourage active, healthy and drug-free lifestyles while providing the necessary resources to help them reach their full potential. Her extensive experience in the non-profit sector and her passion for community service play a crucial role in the development of LWH programming.

Toni "Hollywood" Brown

Director | Brand Expansion


Sha’Lina “Toni” Brown grew up on Long Island where her fateful introduction to basketball started when enrollment limits prevented an attempt to register for a local soccer program. As luck would have it, a staff member suggested she try basketball as an alternative, and a lifelong love began. Toni’s extensive experience in the technology field translates to consistently identifying innovative and imaginative strategies for expanding the LWH network. Her captivating style and fun-loving personality has helped to define the culture of LWH. She often travels to LWH events via motorcycle and recently began performing as DJ ToniBNYC at a number of venues throughout the tri-state area. She is also pursuing a budding acting career and currently stars in the upcoming web series Behind the Camera.

Tonya "The Oracle" Carter

Visionary | Special Advisor


Having reintroduced LWH founder, Amber Batchelor to the game of basketball, Tonya Carter is the catalyst for the LWH movement. She was introduced to the game by her father, and enjoyed playing basketball throughout her youth on the courts of NYC – often as the only girl. She played organized basketball in high school and at the collegiate level, and also in various NYC leagues and tournaments. As someone who spent her formative years playing basketball with boys, Tonya is especially pleased to see the game's remarkable growth in popularity among young women. While Tonya is an active participant in many sports, basketball remains her first love. Seeing young girls discover the same love continues to make her smile.

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